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Social Media continues to be a rising tactic for engaging the right prospects (with “Klout”) and generating buzz for your brand, products and services. Smart use involves much more than simple robo-posting of links back to content. Here, you’re after authentic conversations — people don’t buy from content, they buy from other people and that’s exactly what Webdirexion Social Media campaigns are all about. Go for an “emotional handshake” — people like to do business with people they feel they can trust.

WordPress Content Marketing Solutions that Rock

When it comes to managing Content Marketing and a breakdown of all the related objectives, there’s either a WordPress plugin or a core feature of WordPress itself that has you covered. We’ll take a look at a new Strategic Map of Content Marketing Technologies from Robert Rose at the Content Marketing Institute (CMI) and see how WordPress is a good play for these needs in this post.

In their book, Managing Content Marketing, co-Authors Robert Rose and Joe Pulizzi detailed a “Content Marketing Process” that worked in a cycle from Create and Manage, to Optimize, Aggregate and Curate, to Converse and Listen, to Measure and Learn.  Repeat.  Now, Robert (who kindly granted me permission to reproduce and add the WordPress elements — thanks Robert), has reworked the diagram based on some new thinking about strategies and tactics after listening to various constituencies.  It looks like this:

Strategic Map of Content Marketing Technologies

The current map, copyright 2013 Robert Rose, shows some additional “disruptive solutions” listed in the overlap areas in the square area.

I’m spending a lot of time puzzling out how WordPress can rock for Content Marketers and meet the needs listed in the Map as I work on and update my course, WordPress Content Marketing Power.  Webdirexion builds all our custom client sites on the WordPress platform and when I first met Joe Pulizzi, I worked for him as his WordPress developer (and other clients), so I have an intense history of matching marketing goals to the CMS (Content Management/Marketing System).

On the original post at CMI, Robert led by questioning, (more…)

Social Media Marketing Tips

As social media marketing merges with SEO and the tools evolve, the Webdirexion team has some ongoing tips and social strategies to help you stay on the top of your game.

This week there are three Social Media Marketing tips from our team outlined here with the video below.  And remember to join us on the last thursdays of June, July and August for one hour Social Strategies Sessions with experts — you can ask them questions, and win prizes.

This week’s Social Media Marketing Tips:

  • Julie Hume – Hashtags to search and get visibility:  Use Hashtags to help you find tweets, posts, and influencers in a particular industry, and also use them in your own tweets to extend visibility.  Julie mentioned Symplur, which focuses on Healthcare Industry connection tactics (Webdirexion has a focus in Healthcare and Medical Industries). Julie focuses on Twitter marketing for Webdirexion:

    Above is — a site dedicated to boosting connections within Healthcare social media.

  • Danette Sheppard-Vaughn –  SaaS Tool for FaceBook Marketing:  Danette put us on to a good new FaceBook tracking service (more…)

Dealing the Cards – New Interface Engagement Strategies

What’s in the cards for modern user interfaces? The new Google+ uses cards — surfable squares of content — to boost focus and interaction and we’re trying out two new plugin interfaces for WordPress sites at Webdirexion to foster engagement. Let’s look at how these new interface engagement strategies work.

Have you noticed the move to presenting content in a square, card-like format? You probably have if you spend much time on a mobile device, and the meme is making its way back to the desktop. Have a look at the responsive new user interface for Google+, just out this week. We’ve seen a lot of these hyperactive squares in layouts on mobile devices of late, and there’s a distinctly 2000-teens feel to it.  Now G+ is taking it to (more…)

Tactical Take-aways from Content Marketing Strategies – 2013

Claremont Hotel

The Content Marketing Strategies Conference is held at the beautiful, historic Claremont Hotel in Berkely, CA.

No matter how much you think you know about marketing, there’s more to learn and that was proven again at the 3rd annual Content Marketing Strategies Conference in Berkeley this week (May 7-9 2013). Here are some primary take-aways from the first couple of days including notes from my own presentation there (on Google+ tactics).

Day 1: Social Strategies and Tactics

Arnie Kuenn, President of Vertical Measures, had some great insights about SEO.  Some of my favorites:

  • Though a lot of gurus advise that you keep your blog posts short, at least one study found that longer posts — 2000 words or more — were their best performing content.  We’re going to experiment with same at Webdirexion.
  • Google looks at captions to understand how to rank images.  Years ago, before the web, I learned that people tend to read picture captions a lot more than actual copy when they are in a hurry.  So this is a win-win… captions are good for your readers, and good for Google.
  • Blog 15 times or more per month and your traffic will shoot way up… and also your leads.

Scott Frangos (me), President of Webdirexion, spoke about (more…)

Use of Hashtags – Listening to your Market

Use of Hashtags in Social Media

Did you know you can set your own campaign hashtags? You can also magnify your reach using hashtags.

Even though social media marketing is growing as a B2B tactic, marketing managers are still reluctant to dive in – maybe  because they think it could be a time drain with no measurable results. If that describes you, then the good news is that the ROI on social media marketing can be tracked and that there are tools available that will help you and your staff hit the ground running with your launch into social waters. One of the simplest tools available is the humble hashtag, and smart use of hashtags can spell the difference in a campaign.

You may have seen hashtags and have some idea of their importance in the Twittersphere and on Google+, Instagram and the like. According to the Wall Street Journal, even Facebook is getting in on the act, although they add, “It is unclear how far along Facebook’s work on the hashtag is and the feature isn’t likely to be introduced imminently.”  And, LinkedIn appears to be working on embracing hashtags too.

Hmmm. Wonder what is taking them so long? A hashtag is (more…)