Five PPC Advertising Tactical Tips

PPC Advertising by WebdirexionPPC — Pay Per Click — advertising has evolved rapidly, and many Content Marketers are missing using it as a primary tactic for value proposition testing, when you need leads quickly, and you want SEO insights (you can learn key phrases in PPC ads to carry forward into articles and posts). So, here are five ppc advertising tactical tips to help you in the trenches.

1. Know your target personas

Who are you talking to in an ad, and what exactly motivates them to seek your solution?  The answer requires (more…)

Five Landing Page Optimization Tips

LPO — Landing Page Optimization — often done via A/B testing methods, is an underused tactic that can benefit your Marketing Communication strategies in huge ways. Imagine if you could increase leads, 20% – 60% in less than a month?  Let’s take a look at five  landing page optimization tips from the trenches to help you understand ways to improve your own results.

Webdirextion Landing Page Optimizations

First drive qualified visitors to your test page, make sure ad copy and key page message match, then use smart tests to improve results.

Employ the Power of PPC Testing first:  PPC testing stands for Pay Per Click — like the ads you see at top and right in Google.  Smart PPC ads are often key in a landing page campaign in order to get enough visitors for an accurate test result.  But in addition to gathering qualified prospects to your landing page, there are two other major things you need to do (more…)

SEO Tips, Traps, and Trends

One of our service focuses at Webdirexion is SEO, and as Google’s formula is constantly revised, and the Social factor comes into play more heavily, “traditional” SEO is morphing before our eyes. This is the first in a series of posts that Julie Hume and I will write to help provide insights for you. Below I will give you some tips on what SEO is (and isn’t), followed by five tips and trends.

The Webdirexion SEO Forumla

SEO requires a coordinated set of skills and tactics

Traps:  There’s been a lot of hype, fluff, and chicanery over the last five years or so when it comes to SEO.  I know of more than one business person who was fooled into paying around a thousand dollars a month for (more…)

Getting Leads via Inbound Marketing

We practice more than one “discipline” in marketing at WebDirexion LLC — “Inbound Marketing”, and “Content Marketing”, guided by  proven Marketing Communication and Publishing principles. The first looks at methods to get people to your website, while the second has at its core creating relevant and compelling posts, media and other forms of content. These two disciplines overlap in a number of ways, so in the interests of integration, I’ll add the umbrella term, “Connection Cycle Marketing”, wherein the authentic connections leading to sales are king. I mention this, because as we discuss emerging trends it is useful to think of first, ways to get prospects to your website, then how content engages them when they arrive, and finally how this process persuades these site visitors to become customers. Then you do it all again — that’s the “cycle” part.  With that in mind, let’s look at the three “Inbound Marketing” trends now.

“The average outbound lead costs $373. The average leads via inbound marketing cost $143.”

Learn about Inbound Marketing

InfoGraphic explains Inbound Marketing

Click the graphic  for a good overview of “Inbound Marketing” by Voltier Digital

Inbound Marketing Trends 1 – Inbound Marketing offers better results than Outbound Marketing

  • HubSpot, the internet marketing company that offers both marketing analysis and software tools, reports that “The average outbound lead costs $373. The average inbound lead costs $143.”  For “outbound,” think (more…)

Three Unexpected Content Marketing Rules

There are a lot of “gurus” out there preaching and parroting things that just aren’t really that valuable as marketing tactics.  Got a ton of Twitter followers?  Ok… how does that translate into measurable business outcomes for you?  That’s the key — your marketing must be based on tangible goals.  But what about all those “rules” the gurus are spouting?  Well here’s three content marketing rules that cut against the grain. 

Facebook Fans & Engagement

Facebook Fans & Engagement

This infographic, by Our Social Times,  (click to enlarge) shows that 99% of Facebook fans do not actively engage with the brands they like.

1) FaceBook Likes Are Not That Important

Are FaceBook Likes Really That Important? I say no. Here’s why: First we have a number of studies pointing out fickle reasons prospects click the like button; also, reports that some companies (more…)