Landing Page Optimization

When it comes to landing page optimization, testing key elements is at the top of the list.  There are formulas for this.  A lot of copywriters think they are done after the final draft for the first publishing of a page.  They are not.  Same with designers.  The copy and design that makes the first cut is just your best guess at what might be persuasive.  Next… you ask your visitors and optimize accordingly.  We have some examples for you here.

WordPress Sites with Built-in Split Testing

We’re WordPress specialists and also literally wrote a book on CRO — Conversion Rate Optimization — so we were very pleased when a market leading theme developer upped their game and added A/B testing for over 30 modules (like slideshows, tabbed boxes, images, and text components) that are also part of the theme.

Split Testing with Divi

Split testing = more leads and customers.

It’s called Divi from Elegant Themes, and aside from the fact it makes layout go much faster with modular components, now with split testing (we sometimes call this “A/B” testing since it is common to test two variations of landing pages, but with this tool you can actually test several more variations) we like it so much we have been using it on all our recent projects including the new Old Town Portland site, The brand new design for Croc’s Casino Resort, and for ProtoCall Services (design by Smith Creative Group) — one of our healthcare clients.  This is cutting edge for smart content strategy. (more…)

What’s in a Successful Landing Page?

“You can’t nurture what you don’t convert” is a quote from one of the recommended resources below, and sums up the entire value of keen focus on strategy, creative, testing and improving landing pages. Nurture leads and grow them into sales when you develop a successful landing page.

A/B versus Multivariate Testing

This infographic by Invesp, provides an excellent introduction to different types of testing plus key elements and steps in a successful campaign.

Which Landing Page Version Gathers More Leads?

The average “lift” (increased completion of a goal, which for B2B often means leads gathered at your landing page) resulting from a smart landing page campaign is around 45% for the last 5 tests reported at A/B Tests.  That’s why Webdirexion has made this a core service area (see a recent client example here).  There are different types of tests available, so we wanted to start out this curated landing page solutions post with an infographic that explains multivariate testing versus A/B testing.  Key takeaway:  avoid testing for small improvements while ignoring the big concepts. 

Designing Landing Pages That Work

Landing pages that workThis article by Karol K on Six Revisions first defines (more…)

Five PPC Advertising Tactical Tips

PPC Advertising by WebdirexionPPC — Pay Per Click — advertising has evolved rapidly, and many Content Marketers are missing using it as a primary tactic for value proposition testing, when you need leads quickly, and you want SEO insights (you can learn key phrases in PPC ads to carry forward into articles and posts). So, here are five ppc advertising tactical tips to help you in the trenches.

1. Know your target personas

Who are you talking to in an ad, and what exactly motivates them to seek your solution?  The answer requires (more…)

Actionable Analytics — KPIs for Success

Marketing Communications Pros are lucky now — we live in an era where the behavior of prospects can be analyzed and scrutinized, in hopes it might be monetized.  But this requires a keen understanding of “key performance indicators” (KPIs), and a focus on actionable analytics.  We’ll review analysis tips and tactics, but first let’s consider how a website design is only a starting point.

You Website Design is Only a Starting Hypothesis

Your design is a “hypothesis” — huh? — a hypothesis for what?  Your website design is a visual interface hypothesis which you hope/believe will serve to engage your target prospects and lead them to completing desired business outcome goals.  Way too many MarComm Managers, perhaps stuck in the grove of print materials that were

anatomy of analytics

Review (click to enlarge) the flow of visitors to page types to anaytics then different improvement tactics in this overview analytic by icrossing.

costly to rework, not only blow past opportunities to improve site performance, but simply cling to their “faith based” belief in their preliminary “beta” design.  That’s all your design is — a beta proposition — and clinging to it means you’re just stubbornly hoping it might work well.  More importantly it means you are stubbornly missing out on ROI improvements you can make.

If you think your initial design gambit does not need improvement, then the rest of the article is not for you. If instead, you would like to use Analytics to help gather more prospects, leads, and customers (more…)

Five Landing Page Optimization Tips

LPO — Landing Page Optimization — often done via A/B testing methods, is an underused tactic that can benefit your Marketing Communication strategies in huge ways. Imagine if you could increase leads, 20% – 60% in less than a month?  Let’s take a look at five  landing page optimization tips from the trenches to help you understand ways to improve your own results.

Webdirextion Landing Page Optimizations

First drive qualified visitors to your test page, make sure ad copy and key page message match, then use smart tests to improve results.

Employ the Power of PPC Testing first:  PPC testing stands for Pay Per Click — like the ads you see at top and right in Google.  Smart PPC ads are often key in a landing page campaign in order to get enough visitors for an accurate test result.  But in addition to gathering qualified prospects to your landing page, there are two other major things you need to do (more…)

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