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Content Marketing is a bold new approach using classic principles of Publishing in the new online marketing environment. And, ever since the Google Panda and Penguin updates, the focus for successful SEO has shifted again to quality and relevant content. Content Marketing is a core service area for Webdirexion, and Webdirexion founder, Scott Frangos, who has worked closely with Joe Pulizzi and the Content Marketing Institute for several years writes posts on tactics and strategies along with Julie Hume in this topic section.

Content Marketing Agency versus Online Marketing Agency

Webdirexion is an Online Marketing Agency

What’s in a name? We chose to call ourselves an Online Marketing Agency… learn why in this article.

Content Marketing… or… Online Marketing?  Short answer:  Yes.  Both apply.  Right now, we’re going with Online Marketing, as in, Webdirexion is an Online Marketing Agency.  Sure, the discipline of Content Marketing has become quite the rage in recent years, helped along by the realization that content can make connections that lead to customers.  This is central to the work we perform at Webdirexion… so why not call ourselves a “Content Marketing Agency?”  Short Answer:  Content Marketing doesn’t define all that we do.

We recently redesigned our site, and are updating our brand, so that question came up a few times.  To answer the central brand question — who are we? — we benchmarked competitors and saw they called themselves a range of things — from Digital Marketers to (more…)

TacTech Talk: Testing, Speed, SEO

Scott Frangos, President of Webdirexion

Scott is Chief Optimizer for Webdirexion and includes WordPress, CSS, Photoshop, Tai Chi, Pizza and Coffee among his passions.

This month, my “TacTech Talk” Column (a new feature bringing a fusion of Tactical and Technical tips for today’s marketers) will cover a recent lead gathering landing page test, some insights on site speed and WordPress themes, and SEO strategy tips.

First, I want to say wow — how great our growing team is… and thanks to each of you.  All are currently taking online marketing and/or programming courses (including myself… see, you can teach an old dog). I’m lucky to be working with them as Webdirexion celebrates a new site, new logo, and some fun new client campaigns.

Making the Croc’s Happy — Test Lifts Leads for Resort Client

We recently ran an A/B test for Croc’s Casino Resort, arguably one of our funnest clients — a 17-story Hotel and Casino with three restaurants and a 4-star pool on the pacific ocean in Costa Rica.  If you’re scanning the column, the takeaway learned is — always be testing to increase conversions and maximize your ROI.

We used Google’s “Content Experiments” and saw these results from our efforts: (more…)

B2B Curation Tactics for Content Marketers

Content Marketing = Publishing, and Publishing takes time, not to mention social media work. That’s why the Webdirexion team is always looking for efficient tactics for the marketing Battle, and today I’ll tell you about five B2B content curation tactics using two interesting services.

B2B Content Marketing Tactics Site at

Note that we are also using a custom domain name tactic for our new curation site — we bought and routed it there.

First, what is curation as a Content Marketing tactic?  Content curation is a general tactic whereby you search for the best content online in your niche, industry, and area of focus, then cull it together and usually provide value added by including your own summaries to position yourself as a thought leader (similar to what museum curators do).  A recent article in Forbes gives more thoughts on how content curation has gone mainstream.  There are a number of specific tactics and techniques, including (more…)

Flawed Law & Medical Practice Template Websites

There are a number of professional practice marketing companies out there for law firms, medical practices, dentists, etc., offering mediocre solutions based on outdated tactics and online marketing practices.  Don’t be fooled by Glitz that’s actually Glitch.  Here are five ways they fail for online marketing…

Law Site Templates

(click to enlarge) These cookie cutter templates from FIndLaw offer you a choice of colors, but none are designed to communicate the unique value of your firm.

The Problem with Cookie Cutter Templates: Templates are generic designs which were not crafted based on your strategy, your goals, and your unique value proposition. Here are two examples of typical choices — the first from FindLaw (right), a large lawyer marketing company, and the other from a Chiropractic marketing services firm (left, below).

The FindLaw offerings are in three different cost categories, and while the more expensive designs offer more glitz, they still are generic, so your unique strengths will not be revealed.  For example (more…)

Marketing a Law Firm Online Successfully

When it comes to marketing a law firm online these days, there are a number of considerations from branding and messaging on through the look and feel of your site, then all the inbound and content marketing tactics you can put in play. Webdirexion has been taking a closer look at law firm marketing so today we’ll take a look at a firm that comes up on the first page of search for one key phrase, but still has some real opportunities left to explore.

So, I typed in “Law Firm Seattle” in Google Search because, well, when you need a lawyer what’s the first thing you think of when you want to compare firms?  The industry (Law Firms), and your city.  Turns out I was right on that gut instinct — Google reports there were 6600 searches just last month for that three word phrase.

Law Firm Search in Seattle

Demco Law Firm makes the first page amidst the other things Google places there these days. TIP: note carefully it is NOT first on the maps listing (not on the list at all) which relies on reviews (click screen shot to see actual search results), and also that you can pay for a PPC position to be on the front page — a move that can be more affordable and faster than a prolonged SEO campaign.

The first such firm that popped up after all the other stuff including maps, map listings, and ads (these elements are important parts of the first page game now too), is Demco Law Firm… in Seattle, of course.  So far, so good — they made the first page, “organically” — without directly paying for PPC ads, though I wager they spent some money on their SEO onsite and off.

Opportunities for strengthening presence:  Now there are some serious things for the Demco people to consider about their brand.  They have no real logo, They are emphasizing short sale and property consultation, with other services from the eight attorney firm taking a back seat — that’s ok if that’s their marketing strategy, but there are smarter ways to (more…)