Webdirexion focuses a lot on B2B tactics since most of our clients are marketing to other businesses. Here, we’ve collected a series of recent articles for you that contain strategies and tactics for B2B Content and Inbound Marketing. See also our curated site at B2BContentMarketingTactics.com

Rules for B2B Social Media Marketing

Another author I met at the 3rd annual Content Marketing Strategies Conference is Michael Procopio, whose book lays out 42 Rules for B2B Social Media Marketing.  I like the B2B focus, and purchased an ebook version.  Here are some key take-aways…

42RulesThe book’s title is, “42 Rules for B2B Social Media Marketing”, and it not only presents tactics, but also delivers concise usage studies — often lacking in a lot of quick posts on the subject.  And in addition to Michael, there are two other co-authors for the book, so you get quite a bit of real-world insights.  Here are some examples and take-aways:

  • In “Bonus Rule 1 — Use LinkedIn for Market Research”, we learn how Michael was researching user needs for a new product.  He researched appropriate job titles on LI, emailed four on the 10 pages of users that showed up and quickly received two positive answers. He also used a related LinkedIn group and asked (more…)

Health Marketing, Funnels, and Tactics

Opportunities for Health Marketers to pick up their game?  You bet.  Last week I wrote about five ways to perfect your internet marketing funnel to engage targeted prospects and move them toward becoming customers, and now I want to specifically apply that thinking for the health marketing field. We have several clients in this industry, and I am attending the Health Summit of Content Marketing in Cleveland next week and have been doing some research on same.

Four funnel marketing goals…

In general, medical and health B2B companies need to get more comfortable in boosting social connections and using content marketing tactics.  To see what I mean, below, we’ll look at a couple of medical/health companies that will be in attendance at the Health Summit — BioEnterprise, and Cook Medical.

WebDirexion Marketing Solutions Formula

Webdirexion uses the marketing tactics from circles at left above to pull target personas into the four goal path in your marketing sales funnel at right.

I’ll tell you why I believe they  need to focus their marketing better on the following four goal steps in the marketing funnel (more…)

2013 B2B Content Marketing Benchmarks

What are Content Marketers doing in the B2B space to sharpen their game?  Well there’s a new report out for 2013 with benchmarks, budgets, and trends for same from the Content Marketing Institute and Marketing Profs.  Here’ are my quick takes…

Too many marketers fail to tie marketing tactics through to actual sales.

  • Research reports and videos are coming on as primary content tools.
  • In person events, case studies, videos, and blogs also continue to (more…)

5 Google Plus Tips for B2B Marketers

Google+ continues to become central to all things Google, and key to your success in B2B Social Media Marketing. In fact, it’s not a social network run by Google — it is the core of what Google is becoming. And, Google responds to users who play the game with rewards of better ranking, so let’s look at five tips to make you stronger in this arena.

1) Build your brand page smartly.  First learn how the system captures your logo, and associated images.  Craft these carefully.  Then pay special attention to (more…)

Hey Big Head, Don’t Be So Pushy!

Big head

constant self promotion  is annoying.

I have a friend that I have known for years. For the sake of this article, let’s call her Naomi. She’s funny and entertaining and I am always glad to hear from her BUT…boy is she great at making herself the star of every situation! We could be talking about Jill’s spectacular garden, Mick’s blind date or my kids and somehow Naomi always manages to make herself the center of the story even though she has black thumbs, is happily married and has no kids.

On the other hand, when Naomi is regaling the group with her own tales, she is hilarious. She can carry a conversation easily and times her punchlines better than Mike Tyson. It’s just her that her constant self promotion  is annoying.

A lot of content marketing reminds me of Naomi. Of course, there are times when the company, its products and service should be center stage; articles that  focus on the product or the service and give practical information of usage, availability, benefits or what not. But it is as important (more…)