“You can’t nurture what you don’t convert” is a quote from one of the recommended resources below, and sums up the entire value of keen focus on strategy, creative, testing and improving landing pages. Nurture leads and grow them into sales when you develop a successful landing page.

A/B versus Multivariate Testing

This infographic by Invesp, provides an excellent introduction to different types of testing plus key elements and steps in a successful campaign.

Which Landing Page Version Gathers More Leads?

The average “lift” (increased completion of a goal, which for B2B often means leads gathered at your landing page) resulting from a smart landing page campaign is around 45% for the last 5 tests reported at A/B Tests.  That’s why Webdirexion has made this a core service area (see a recent client example here).  There are different types of tests available, so we wanted to start out this curated landing page solutions post with an infographic that explains multivariate testing versus A/B testing.  Key takeaway:  avoid testing for small improvements while ignoring the big concepts. 

Designing Landing Pages That Work

Landing pages that workThis article by Karol K on Six Revisions first defines a landing page and then outlines which factors combine to make a landing page design effective. “An effective landing page has to have a power headline” is just one good tip here.   Key takeaway: Landing page design is crucial for user action.


Landing page that converts well

In this from the article, the headline and copy focus on clear and obvious benefits, and the page converts at over 60%.

B2B Sell the Sizzle not the Steak

Business2Community has an excellent overview of five ways to improve B2B landing pages including sell the benefit, not the features which is another way of saying sell the sizzle, not the steak.  For example if you were selling sail boards, a common mistake would be to a cut away of the board and try to sell how it is made — a secondary point.  A much better approach would be to sell the enjoyment that comes from using the sail board and the fun of sail boarding because people buy on emotion, not rational bullet points — study after study confirms this.  Key takeaway:  “You can’t nurture unless you convert”…

Anatomy of a Successful Landing Page

Make great landing pagesYou get two for one with this excellent article by Amy Nokinsky on One Extra Pixel. Not only does she break down the elements that must come together to create an effective landing page, she also provides a wealth of great examples. Key takeaway: One page, one purpose!


The Anatomy of an Optimal  Local Landing Page [infographic]

Optimal Local Landing PageMore anatomy. But locally focussed this time and in the form of an infographic. The good people at Nifty Marketing have done some number crunching and come up with the common factors associated with a local landing page. Key takeaway: refer to this infographic to see how your local landing page compares.


Julie Hume


Julie is a career Marketing-Communications professional, having served as Director of Communications for Amari Hotels and Resorts, and Content Director for eThailand. For the past several years, she has worked independently as a writer, SEO specialist, and Social Media Marketer for a variety of clients. Julie enjoys a good mug of coffee, long walks with her children and dog on the island where she lives, and a good laugh watching professional comedians.

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