Web content is like ice fishing

“Look at regular posting like ice fishing.”

It is only after your website or company blog is finally up and running and has been launched on an unsuspecting world that the work of carving out some space and attention for it on the overcrowded internet really begins. There are several tools at your disposal to help, among them content marketing, inbound marketing, social media marketing and search engine optimization but in order for any of these to work you will first need
web content.

As  the owner of a new business website, excited by the its potential as a corporate marketing tool, you may not be daunted by the prospect of producing regular, relevant and valuable content. Indeed, you might see it a wonderful opportunity to get your company’s story across in a variety of ways from videos and podcasts to downloadable PDF’s and informative articles – which of course it is.

Before you start, you need to carve a little space for yourself on the ice. Do that with your foundation content; those articles that state what your company is about and outline your message.

Ideally, you will want to publish at least one or two posts a week (and more when possible — several studies show that lead results increase in proportion to the number of targeted, well crafted and relevant posts you publish). That doesn’t sound like a lot and at first it will be easy to maintain this schedule. But  later, once your website has been up online for several months, it is important to keep up with your regular posting. It’s then, when the initial blush of enthusiasm for the new site has been dampened by familiarity and all the most obvious topics for content have been covered that the cold may set in. This is when you will need to get creative.

Maintaining Your Hole in the Ice

Look at regular posting like ice fishing. Before you start, you need to carve a little space for yourself on the ice. Do that with your foundation content; those articles that state what your company is about and outline your message.  Then you want to keep that hole in the ice open and productive. As long as you keep posting on a fairly regular basis, your little fishing hole is accessible.  The creatures down there in the cold, black water are going to get used to seeing tidbits of content from you and they will start to swim by regularly to check out your latest offering.

What happens if you stop posting though? At first nothing; you may not even notice any difference but gradually, the longer you ignore the need to post, the more the edges of your fishing hole will come together. The fish, which you had successfully trained to swim by on a daily or bi-weekly basis will no longer be rewarded with fresh and informative content so they will find somewhere else to hunt.  Soon, your once promising fishing hole on the great icy internet will freeze over altogether and you will be left wondering why your website no longer has any traffic.

Editorial Scheduling and Support

Happily you do not need to be alone out there on the ice. As a content marketing agency, Webdirexion often assists clients with their content production. The extent of our involvement depends very much on the client’s needs. In some cases we consult only on the creation of an editorial schedule, taking into consideration high points and seasonal demands depending on  industry. In others, we accept responsibility for content publishing, leaving the client final editorial say. Of course, most fall somewhere in the middle of these two extremes with Webdirexion providing creative and editorial support as and when it is needed.

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Julie Hume


Julie is a career Marketing-Communications professional, having served as Director of Communications for Amari Hotels and Resorts, and Content Director for eThailand. For the past several years, she has worked independently as a writer, SEO specialist, and Social Media Marketer for a variety of clients. Julie enjoys a good mug of coffee, long walks with her children and dog on the island where she lives, and a good laugh watching professional comedians.

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