Anyone with the vaguest  of interest in internet marketing will have tripped over the latest buzz phrase – content marketing. At its simplest level, content marketing simply means marketing your brand via articles, video, podcasts and other media accessible via the internet. In other words – publishing your story through different channels on the web.

Ideally, good content marketing would result in natural inbound marketing as your presence and influence on the internet grows and the cycle would continue. This is not always the end result or even the desired outcome of course, but content marketing and inbound marketing do tend to go hand in hand.

Making Boring Sticky!

Clever content marketing

Stuck at Prom 2012 Finalists

To be fair, some products lend themselves more easily to content marketing; consider the naturally exciting qualities of the latest fast cars, sports shoe or smart phone. Those who have drawn the short stick in regard to the perceived desirability of the product or service they have to sell may have a more challenging task but the rewards can be immense.

Take, for example, duct tape. Not a very exciting product, is it? Even in modern jazzy colors it’s dull, utilitarian, booooring. Until, that is you challenge the nation’s college kids to use it to design their prom costumes with the winning couple walking away with a $5,000 scholarship each!

Quite apart from the reams of duct tape that must have been bought in order to design the costumes for the Stuck at Prom contest, what do you think was a major topic of discussion in every one of the contestants’ households for the past few months?

Added to that is the widespread media coverage that the prom campaign generated and it’s hats off to Duck Brand marketing team for a job well done.

Marketing the Unmentionable

O.B. is Really, Really Sorry. Really!

O.B. is Really, Really Sorry. Really!

Boring is one thing but unmentionable is another. How do you create a content marketing campaign out of something that nobody ever talks about?  Something like … oh… a feminine hygiene product.

Sometimes the problem with coming up with content marketing ideas is that the marketing team get stuck in a textual groove.

Women might share recommendations amongst friends  but tampons are not something you’ll find comes up in general conversation much.  You don’t see indepth articles or viral competitions related to sanitary products, even in women’s magazines, so how can the marketing team tap into the potential for viral content marketing for a product that people don’t talk about and quite frankly no one really wants to read about either?

Johnson & Johnson discontinued manufacture of the super absorbent O.B. Ultra Tampon in late 2010 and shortly thereafter all O.B. tampons started to disappear from the shelves. While the user base for the O.B Tampons had been loyal to the brand, now they really had no alternative but buy other products – and perhaps swap allegiance.  So when J&J decided to reintroduce O.B. Tampons they had to come up with something special.

The brainstorming sessions must have been epic. On the one hand, J&J would want to convey contrition while demonstrating that they cared for their clientele – perhaps they could involve humor, maybe some music and hey, wouldn’t it be great  if the content were personalized and so compelling that women across the world would share it via email, Facebook and other social networks? Boy, the marketing team must have been quaking in their boots!

OB video name integration

Clever Name Integration

The resulting ‘O.B. Really Sorry‘ campaign, launched in December 2011, was a tour de force.  It was funny, cheesy, personalized and, most importantly, effective.  Women happily sent it to each other and shared it on Twitter and Facebook to  encourage their friends to try it for themselves. The name integration was so cleverly done that it worked with even the most unusual names while the incorporation of every schmaltzy trick in the book from rose-petals to sky-writing made it very amusing.

The video ended with a final apology and the link to a coupon which the viewer could use to purchase O.B. products from the nearest store. What a clever way to encourage those straying clients back into their fold, don’t you think?

Creative Content Marketing

Sometimes the problem with coming up with content marketing ideas is that the marketing team get stuck in a textual groove.  You do not have to start your content marketing by re-purposing text. Consider all the other options that are available to you nowadays from viral contests and video to podcasts, slide shows, and apps.

For those who are not inspired by all the new tools and creative content channels that are available nowadays, the content marketing team at Webdirexion like nothing better than a challenge. Why not get in touch today. 😉


Julie Hume


Julie is a career Marketing-Communications professional, having served as Director of Communications for Amari Hotels and Resorts, and Content Director for eThailand. For the past several years, she has worked independently as a writer, SEO specialist, and Social Media Marketer for a variety of clients. Julie enjoys a good mug of coffee, long walks with her children and dog on the island where she lives, and a good laugh watching professional comedians.

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