This post covers concepts from my presentation at WebVisions PDX, 2012 and provides all the follow-up links promised to attendees.  You can review my presentation here, chew on the tips and tactics in three infographics, a downloadable tutorial and two videos.  Please leave me any questions and comments below.

There are a lot of great ways to do Content Marketing with WordPress and Google+ — in fact, I propose that these two, with a couple of other ways to stitch Social Media Marketing together make the web your new Content Marketing System.  That’s precisely what my presentation at WebVisions is about, and you can review it here, plus I’ll provide some more tactical advise and related links below.

Three InfoGraphics about WordPress and Google+

The Latest Stats about Worldwide WordPress Usage from Yoast (Click to Enlarge)

General Stats about Google+ Usage from IdentityMe (Click to Enlarge)

Detailed Learning InfoGraphic on Google+ for Business from Chris Brogan and Blue Grass (Click to Enlarge)

Have a good read of the infographics above to gauge the success of WordPress and Google+ and in particular the third one offers some great business tips for using G+.

Downloadable Tutorial:  Rel=Author for Stronger SEO and Author Visibility

Click to download a Tutorial PDF

I’m always looking for ways to gain tactical strengths in SEO, Marketing, and Social Media, so our lead picture refers to the “rel=Author” tactic which promotes you via “rich snippets” (among other things, Google is including an author photo from your G+ page that in turn links to related G+ posts), and also strengthens your SEO, as explained in this post from Search Engine Land:  “Almost 1 Of Every 5 Google Searches Shows Rel=Author In Top 100 Results, Study Shows”.  I’ve written a full tutorial about how to do this — downloadable at left — it’s full of even more links to help you get going.

Here’s My WebVisions Presentation in Slide Format

Here it is, but of course without the dialog and Q&A from the conference — you really must attend next year.  WebVision is in its 12th year in Portland, OR and also has events in Chicago and Barcelona.  Perfect for visual communicators.

More About Video Hangouts With an Eye on B2B

You know how most people have been reluctant to use their video cameras to meet?  Well, most in certain age groups and demographics, I mean since younger people seem to be flocking to this exciting method of communication.  Well, I predict that within 12-18 months you will see a lot more folks embracing Google Video Hangouts in the B2B space.

(click image to visit site) Here

Here are some Hangout links for you:

  • B2B Marketers take note of the tactics in this well thought out post:  How to use Google Hangouts for your Business
  • Google has built in ways to record hangouts –
  • Google Hangout Apps are on the way… here’s one for collaborative Diagramming:  Cacoo
  • Here’s an unofficial Hangout Apps directory:
  • And perhaps my favorite tip (came from this article:  Google Upgrades Hangouts ) — click on the camera icon below any post and speak right away to the author via Hangout
  • And here’s a video about a Chrome app — Hangout Canopy — that helps you search for active Hangouts:

More Reference Links from the Presentation

Video on B2C (Cooking Classes for Home Cooks) and B2B (Classes for Chefs and Caterers), as mentioned above… How It Works:

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Scott serves as Chief Optimizer on the Webdirexion team for both development and content marketing strategy, and is the author of the new book, "The Marketer's Concise Guide to CRO" (Oct. 2015). He is a career marketing communications professional with niche industry specialties in healthcare, law firms, and hotel marketing and holds recent certifications in Google Analytics Mastery (Udemy), and RACE Digital Marketing (Smart Insights). Scott has also taught business, web programming and eCommerce courses at colleges in the Portland, Oregon area. He currently teaches WordPress Content Marketing Power, an online course through Udemy, and has spoken at several Content Marketing conferences.  When he is not geeking out on a Mac, Nexus 7, or Google Chromebook, he enjoys Tai Chi, walking with his two dogs, and survives on Coffee and Pizza.

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