Our Agency & Mission…

WebDirexion LLC is an an Online Marketing Agency that provides goal based Content Marketing solutions.  We do that with smartly designed and developed WordPress websites, and all the TLA’s (Three Letter Acronyms) that you’ve read about — SEO, SMM, PPC, VBO — mixed with smart testing and analysis.

Optimize; Promote; Connect — our three word mission statement to direct your way on the road to business milestones.

Meet Our Team…

HootSuite Certified ProfessionalScott Frangos, President of Webdirexion LLCScott Frangos – Founder, Optimizer, President:  Scott (see ScottGooglePlus.info), is a Content Strategist with specialties in Social Media, WordPress Development, and Optimization for desired business outcome goals at your sites.

Faithful Marketing Assistant, Spirit, who has not yet visited Paris, but hears that dogs are allowed in in restaurants there.

Faithful Marketing Assistant, Spirit, who has not yet visited Paris, but hears that dogs are allowed in the restaurants there.

Scott is certified in Inbound Marketing and Hootsuite social media marketing.  He has taught a workshop on Content Marketing in WordPress (WebDirexion develops exclusively on the WordPress Platform) at the Langley Center for New Media.  He also spoke at the 12th Annual WebVisions Conference in Porltand, OR — Spring, 2012,  and at the Content Marketing Strategies Conference, in May of 2013 in Berkeley, CA.  Scott led a Bootcamp workshop on WordPress, HootSuite, and Google+ at the annual Digital Marketing Conference, in Portland, OR (June 18-19)  “where marketers connect”.  Scott currently teaches the online course, WordPress Content Marketing Power, and is developing a second course on social media marketing. He loves providing Content Marketing Strategy and tactics to boost ROI at your sites, and also loves pizza, coffee, and Tai Chi — not necessarily in that order. Reach Scott Now:  888.974.9522, extension 700.

HootSuite Certified ProfessionalJulie Hume at WebdirexionJulie Hume, Editor, SEO and Social Media Marketing Specialist:  Julie is a career Marketing-Communications professional, having served as Director of Communications for Amari Hotels and Resorts, and Content Director for eThailand.  For the past several years, she has worked independently as a writer, SEO specialist, and Social Media Marketer for a variety of clients.  Currently she is attending Hootsuite University to keep her social media skills updated, as SEO continues to merge with Social Media.  Julie enjoys a good mug of coffee, long walks with her children and dog on the island where she lives, and a good laugh watching professional comedians.

Wendy Miller Project Manager & Customer ServiceHootSuite Certified ProfessionalWendy Miller, Project Manager & Social Media Specialist:   Wendy is a seasoned client and business service provider with strong skills in social media, client services and project management. She has used these skills for more than one successful new media company, and also has experience managing video production projects.  She is the author of Seattle Cocktail Culture Smartphone App, so it’s safe to say she is a reliable source for all things to do with mixology.  Wendy also enjoys entertaining, collecting wine and traveling the world with her husband.  Reach Wendy now at 888.974.9522, extension 701

Webdirexion Agency Hangout

A recent virtual agency meeting in a Google Hangout — Wendy’s in the large speaker’s pane at top, with Julie and Scott waiting to discuss more client solutions in the smaller panes. We often meet with clients for site and campaign reviews this way.

Additional Team Members and returning collaborators:  Currently we also work with Danette Sheppard-Vaughn who provides content administration and support services, Martyn Chamberlin who works on programming projects, and Robert Benschotter  who provides on hosting server management.  Each of these team members also reviews websites from a proofing and user interface quality perspective.

For larger projects and campaigns we typically staff up from a preferred list of proven professionals.   For example, Joe Kalinowski, Joe Watson, and Steven Smith are among our regular design collaboraters.

Learn More about WebDirexion

Learn more about how we collaborate for your Marketing Direction – Click image to download PDF


An experience team for outsourced marketing solutions…

We’re your Virtual Marketing Department.  You can meet with us online in a Google hangout as you see at right, with a video Skype linkup, and also we enjoy reviewing WordPress and Content Marketing progress with you during guided screenshare sessions.  We’ll set up an online teamwork center to review calendar milestones and manage tasks for your campaigns.  It’s outsourcing in the cloud — you get a team of marketing specialists with a wide, strong skillset for about half the cost of a full-time inhouse marketing professional.

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