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The Marketer's Concise Guide to CRO from Webdirexion Publishing

OUR BOOK: The Marketer's Concise Guide to CRO

Tips, Tests, and Tactics to Gather More Leads & Grow Your Business (by Scott Frangos)

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Marketing Funnels

Our top searches on our site include interest in marketing and sales “funnels” — how you compel visitors toward a goal on your site.  Here’s an article on Health Marketing Funnels.

Webdirexion for lead gathering with CRO

Gather Qualified Leads

How do you get more leads? CRO. That stands for Conversion Rate Optimization… a special focus of Webdirexion.– learn more…

Healthcare Marketing for the Mayo Clinic

Healthcare Marketing

When it comes to healthcare marketing we benchmark what the Mayo Clinic is doing… this helps us get results for our 6 clients in this industry.

Leads for Law Firms

Leads for Law Firms

Now that the Yellow Pages are mostly dead, what are some strong strategies to gather qualified leads for small law firms?  Referrals are great but here are some successful tactics for online marketing.

R.A.C.E. Content Marketing — SEO Audit

Webdirexion Content Marketing Audits

Get a R.A.C.E. Content Marketing—SEO audit right now →

A Webdirexion marketing specialist will run an analysis and do a live review of your site versus one major competitor. $59 value, FREE through June 15th.

Our formula to gather more qualified leads: Content Marketing (includes SEO) + CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) = Leads

CRO is a specialty of Webdirexion

Get More Leads With CRO!

We recently published (order advance copies now) — The Marketer’s Concise Guide to CRO – Conversion Rate Optimization.  It’s by Scott Frangos, our founder and Chief Optimizer.  Scott’s a career marketing communications professional and also a long-time college level instructor in the Portland, Oregon area.  He’s spoken at a number of industry conferences. There are three very important C’s in Marketing — Content + Conversion = Connection, where Connection is the final step to close leads and grow your business.  The fourth C is… Customers! But today’s “Content Marketers” focus primarily on the first part of this equation. This Guide focuses on specific tactics to Convert and Connect.  When you read it, you’ll learn CRO — Conversion Rate Optimization.  Meanwhile these are the tactics that your Webdirexion puts to work for our clients.  Get More Info…

Recent Projects:

A Webdirexion produced site for one of our healthcare clients

Healthcare: ProtoCall is one of six clients we have in healthcare. We built their new mobile-responsive website on WordPress and provide on-site seo and support.

Webdirexion Client STJSE Law Firm

Law Firms: We help this five attorney firm with their social media, SEM, and content marketing (custom WordPress Genesis theme).

Crocs Resort - another client of Webdirexion

Hotels: This bustling resort in Costa Rica is supported by Webdirexion for online marketing (custom WordPress Genesis theme).

Have a question about a marketing campaign? Drop us a quick email — we’ll we’ll reply with some strategy notes for you.

Meet Your Webdirexion Content Marketing Team



Chief Optimizer

Scott gets up early, drinks coffee, gets your site optimized and does Tai Chi to blow off steam… then he percolates on marketing strategies.



Content Triage Nurse

Miranda is a former nurse, now a Writer, Editor, Administrator and Forms Creator on content triage duty for clients.



Content Guide

Margot is a world traveler and serial expat, when she’s not learning new languages, she’s translating ideas into action.



SEO Wizard

Julie improves your SEO standings, and boosts your social klout — fueled with coffee (another coffee nut).



Development Ninja

Serhii makes sure your site is running well, and helps with custom programming when he’s not growing a family with his wife.

Era Diaz

Era Diaz

Marketing Sherpa

Era reviews sites looking for ways to increase leads… when she’s not enjoying quality time with her family.

Briana Barkett

Briana Barkett

Content Maven

Briana is your content maven bringing writing, editing, SEO, and social media skills to the team.

Recent Articles from our Webdirexion Matters Marketing Blog…

How We Increased Leads by 493% for a B2B

How We Increased Leads by 493% for a B2B

Webdirexion recently achieved a 493% gain for a B2B company, and an earlier gain of 100% for a B2C resort client. How? The method was using A/B testing technology. But the strategy, in both cases, is what made all the difference. CRO strategy.

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SEO Without CRO is a Plane Without an Engine

What is it that you want to achieve with your company website? Is the end goal the sheer glory of seeing your web appear high in the search engine pages for random keyword phrases? Or perhaps the c-suite execs push for numbers – the more people that arrive at... read more

Smart Marketing for Your Law Firm

Most law firms have caught onto SEO and other online marketing tactics, but do you sell the brand, the firm, or individual lawyers? We’ll review the answer to this question and more with a focus on legal marketing (though the same answer can apply in other industries).

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What is the right mix of marketing tactics?

  • Blog Marketing 40%
  • SEO & Social Media Marketing 30%
  • Lead Page Campaign with PPC 20%

Tactics will vary depending on your value proposition, your target personas, your objectives and budget.  But above is a typical mix that will give you both an organic (Blog Marketing + SEO & Social — sometimes called “Content Marketing”) and paid media (lead gathering landing pages we advertise online) campaign.

Learn More…

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Croc's Casino Resort
A healthcare client of Webdirexion

I would definitely recommend WebDirexion for anyone trying to get the most out of their website. I’ve worked with Scott Frangos, on a number of initiatives involving WordPress, SEO and CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization). If you are looking to get more leads from your website, Scott’s your guy.”

Joe Pulizzi

CEO, Content Marketing Institute, Content Marketing world

With Scott and Webdirexion I had found everything I am looking for and the results are always incredible. What I like the most is that Scott and Webdirexion work with you on every detail and are always one step ahead in order to offer the best service for WordPress site development and online marketing.

Alicia Repetto

Marketing and Advertising Manager, Croc's Casino Resort, Costa Rica

WebDirexion was instrumental in seamlessly migrating both of our corporate websites to WordPress, while restructuring the websites and associated analytics around a defined content management strategy and recurring updates to content, intended to maximize SEO.  They played an essential part in the launch of a recent marketing campaign to create and integrate dynamic multimedia content, including videos, whitepapers, and blog posts created to drive traffic to the site and generate leads. Scott’s team helped create and define a strategy to test the message for this campaign, and delivered A/B testing and analytics to track and measure results to adjust our SEO strategy and promote our offerings.

NIck Davis

VP Marketing & Product Development, Provider Advantage (makers of the Revenue360 platform)

It has been an absolute pleasure working with you. You have gone above and beyond with your attention to detail and support at every step. I will certainly be proving a glowing reference on elance and highly recommending your services to anyone.

Julie Curtin

Marketing Manager, Country Crest, Ballymaguire Foods

I have had the great pleasure to work with Scott on many projects over the years. Some were large such as a branding initiative for a multinational company and some were quite small for local businesses. Each success is due in a great part to Scott’s leadership. Scott is without a doubt, one of the easiest people to work with I have known. He is able to effectively communicate highly technical information in ways all parties can understand. His professionalism, his good humor, his ability to work a problem to a reasonable solution is one of his many hallmarks. I highly recommend him as a marketing professional.

Stephan Smith

CEO, Creative Director, Smith Creative Group

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We’d like to hear from you — tell us about your most pressing online marketing concern. Maybe you have a development project, or need to gather more leads. We also offer unique tech./marketing support plans with an eye on ROI. We’ll take a quick look and provide some no obligation advice.  Prompt estimates when you need them!